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Double Wall SPOT Flange

SPOT Flanges are an economical option for joining spiral pipe and fittings where size or installers preferences require a flanged connection.

Roll formed from 18 gauge galvanized material, SPOT Flanges are factory mounted on SPOT's spiral pipe and fittings by spot welding and sealing airtight. Optional materials are available, contact the nearest Spiral Pipe of Texas Representative for information.

Field connections are made using neoprene gaskets or butyl tape placed between flanges and screwing together on 6 inch centers.

Spiral Pipe of Texas' products are manufactured in accordance with the latest SMACNA, ASHRAE and SPIDA standards. In an on-going effort to improve our products, Spiral Pipe of Texas reserves the right to revise the design and/or specifications of its products as technology advances or applicable standards change.

As we reflect on the last 30 years, we are proud of the customers we have associated with, the projects we have completed, and the positive impact we have had on our industry. To our valued customers - Your support and confidence in our team brought SPOT to this important milestone.

Thank You

For trusting us with your business. We remain committed to providing you with quality, value, and service in the years ahead.